Why You Should Buy Winter Tires

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Why You Should Buy Winter Tires at Mike Maroone's

We all know Colorado winters can be unpredictable, that’s why it’s important to always be as prepared as possible for the heavy snow. One of the best ways you can prepare your vehicle for winter is by buying a fresh set of winter tires.

Winter tires at Mike Maroone Colorado
Winter Emergency in Colorado Springs
Why Buy Snow Tires in Colorado Springs

Why Buy Snow Tires?

Some drivers assume that regular all-season tires are perfectly acceptable for the winter months. While that may be true in some cases, it really depends on climate and your location’s weather patterns. If your area’s temperature gets below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you should consider investing in a set of winter tires as they will dramatically improve your safety during the chillier months. With tread patterns designed for traction on ice and snow, breaking is by far one of the biggest reasons people choose to buy snow tires. According to AutoBlog.com, recent tests conducted by Tire Rack saw a 35-percent improvement in braking when using winter tires over standard all-season tires. Winter tires can also help you get moving on icy pavement due to more enhanced rubber compounds that tend to grip better on slippery conditions. These specialized tires can mean the difference between a full emergency stop on icy roads and an accident.

Safe Doesn’t Have to Mean Expensive

The number one reason drivers decide against winter tires is the price, believing that the extra cost isn’t worth it to them. However, they forget to account for the fact that snow tires almost double the life of your all-season tires. Instead of changing your all-season tires a few times throughout the course of your vehicle’s lifetime, you can now switch out your tires each year and prolong the use of both sets.

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At Mike Maroone, we want to make sure you are as ready as possible for the snow. If you are interested in buying a set of winter tires, give us a call at Mike Maroone Collision Center and Body Shop or get in touch with our service center at Mike Maroone Colorado.

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