What to Do When Your Vehicle is Stuck in the Snow

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What to Do When Your Vehicle is Stuck in the Snow

We’ve all been there. Maybe the snow came down a little harder than expected or maybe you took the turn a little too fast, but now you’ve found yourself stuck in the snow with your wheels spinning. Here are some tips for when you can’t seem to get enough traction to free you from the snow’s grasp.

Tips for When you are Stuck in the Snow

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  • Stay Calm – Whether you are trying to make your way out of your driveway or you are accidentally slid into a snowbank, try not to panic. It may be difficult to do if you are in a time crunch, but laying on the gas pedal in a rage will only make things worse.
  • Clear Your Tailpipe – Before you do anything, attempt to clear the snow from the tailpipe area. People have lost their lives due to carbon monoxide being backed up and entering their vehicle without the driver knowing.
  • Dig Out Your Wheels – Using a shovel or even your hands if necessary, try to clear a path around your tires, starting with the front wheels.
  • Don’t Spin Your Tires – Pressing the gas pedal and spinning your tires when there is no traction will only dig your vehicle deeper into the snow, so try to avoid it wen you can.
  • Rock Back and Fourth – Out your vehicle in the lowest gear possible and try to back up a small amount. Then, stop and immediately put the vehicle into drive and attempt to move forward a small amount. Repeat these steps as you try to rock the vehicle back and forth to gain traction.
  • Turn Your Wheels – If you are still stuck, attempt to turn your steering wheel to each side to find some new traction.
  • Use Sand or Kitty Litter – Try sprinkling sand or kitty litter in front of the drive tires in order to add more traction to the slippery snow
  • Get Help – If you are still stuck, you may need to enlist the help of your neighbors or other onlookers. A few people offering a push does a lot to get a vehicle out of tough spot.

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