How to make car cleaning products from household items

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How to make car cleaning products from household items

Not willing to travel to the discount auto store to purchase expensive cleaners? In a pinch on a road trip and that windshield is dangerously dirty? We’ll teach you how to make car cleaning products from household items with this post! You’ll be surprised how many of these items and ingredients are already in your pantry – or even in your car!

Rain-repelling car cleaners from household items

Try washing your car with a hair conditioner that contains lanolin, or sponge a solution of 1 cup kerosene and three gallons of water over your car’s exterior (this solution requires no rinse, wash or wax post-application). Both of these normal household items leave your exterior looking like you just waxed it and will cause water droplets to bead and roll off your car the next time it rains, reducing the risk of rusting.

Streak-y windshield and you’re in a rush?

If you’ve got a cola in your car or fridge, you can use the soda to deeply penetrate windshield grime. Make sure you stretch a towel across the bottom of your windshield to protect your hood’s paint. The bubbles will get rid of the gunk; just make sure you wash your windshield after you’re done to get rid of stickiness.

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Spring cleaning car tips
Did you know you can make a windshield-washer liquid from cheap vodka and dish soap? Just mix three cups vodka, four cups water and two teaspoons liquid dishwashing detergent in a gallon milk or old windshield-washer liquid jug – shake it up and pour into your windshield-washer reservoir as needed.

Other car cleaning products from household items

  • Polish your headlights with window cleaner and old panty hose.
  • Clean your windows with baby wipes.
  • You can clean and shine your windshield with a feminine hygiene maxi-pad. Just stick it to your hand and rub the exterior glass vigorously!
  • Clean your wiper blades with a solution of 1/4 cup ammonia and 1 quart cold water. Apply with a soft cloth and wipe dry with a dry cloth before lowering the blades to their resting position. This solution can also be used as a windshield-and-window-cleaner.
  • One gallon-sized jug + 1/4 cup baking soda + 1/4 cup dishwashing liquid + water = a cheap exterior car wash. Add one cup of cleaner to a two-gallon pail, fill with water, and you’re ready to wash!
  • Cream of tartar, followed by soapy water, will cut through oily windshield grime.

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