Free check engine light scan Colorado Springs CO

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Free check engine light scan Colorado Springs CO

Nothing can be as irritating and worrying as your check engine light suddenly coming on when you’re trying to manage a busy schedule of getting the kids to school and getting to work. It can be even more disconcerting when you don’t have a name come to mind immediately when vehicle issues come up. Well, we’d love to be that name in your head — and with our free check engine light scan in Colorado Springs CO coupon, we’ll get to the bottom of that sudden notification right away so you can drive away anxiety-free.

Why is my check engine light on?

We know there are a few common reasons for your “check engine” light to come on, so we’re going to share a few of those with you:

  • Your oxygen sensor could need replacing. Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor monitors the unburned oxygen from the engine’s exhaust, and when it’s faulty, it could cause a decrease in gas mileage. It’s easy to replace yourself (see video below), or we can take car of it in the shop for a reasonable fee. Either way, make sure you get your check engine light reason scanned by a computer at a garage or auto repair store before you start replacing any parts.

How to replace your O2 sensor:

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  • A loose or faulty gas cap could allow fuel vapors to leak out, reducing gas mileage and increasing emissions.
  • The check engine light could mean a catalytic convertor failure.
  • Your mass airflow sensor could be faulty.
  • You could need a new spark plug. We can replace those right away in our shop!

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Get your free check engine light scan coupon here in Colorado Springs

Stop in anytime, any day of the week to redeem your free check engine light scan coupon at the Al Serra Body Shop and Collision Center. Our team will treat you with respect no matter how minor or major your repair. Contact us today or explore our other offers online right now!

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